About us - Outside the Box is run by Ilkley Community Enterprise Ltd.


We are a registered charity that is committed to community action and to supporting people who have a learning disability. We operate as a business (otherwise we wouldn’t still be here) but also as a charity and social enterprise so we re-invest any profits we make back into Outside the Box and our local community.


Outside the Box, as our name suggests, is about thinking and doing things a bit differently...and sometimes doing some very different things. Outside the Box supports people who have learning disabilities and other support needs. 


Our focus is on helping young people and adults aged 17 years and over who have a diverse range of learning disabilities and additional support needs. Our members may have Down’s Syndrome, Autism, Aspergers or non-diagnosed learning disabilities: they may also have mobility, communication, physical and mental health conditions. We assess the support needs and goals of each person and work closely with families, health and social care professionals and others, to plan and deliver high quality, coordinated and person-centred support.


We are:


We are ambitious for our members and for the inclusion of people with additional needs. We continue to strive to do more and better and welcome ideas, offers of support and new partnerships. You may be someone with learning disabilities or other support needs, a parent/carer, a professional working with our target group, an employer, school, college, university, another charity or community group. If you would like to discuss how we could do great things together please do get in touch Click here for more information on members


Volunteers play a crucial role in the operation of Outside the Box. From helping in the café kitchen, serving customers, supporting members to working on the allotment, running a youth group and helping with our design, marketing and administration, volunteers give generously of their time, skills and expertise. Click here for more information on volunteering